• Quilt Square Vintage Sweatshirt

    Quilt Square Vintage Sweatshirt

    Hunter Green vintage sweatshirt, with antique quilt square.  Size Large.   

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  • Sequin Ruffle Sustainable Sweatshirt

    Sequin Ruffle Sustainable Sweatshirt

    This sustainable sweatshirt is made issuing a vintage sweatshirt and sequins from the by product of our sequin kimono make prices. It’s comfy and casual while being luxurious and extra at the same time    Sweatshirt is Size Large, one of a kind, and ready to ship. 

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  • Sequin Flowers Upcycled Sweatshirt

    Size 2X sweatshirt adorned with sequin flower patches all along the neckline. Heather Grey

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