About Us

Aloha Angels -

Konane is my middle name it means "Bright as Moonlight" in Hawaiian. 

I've always been a Creative, a Maker freely playing, discovering aesthetic relationships, shapes, and possibilities. In my studio I create sequin garments that bring joy to your most special experiences. Joyful clothing for joyful people.

I am passionate about textiles after studying Textile Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In addition to my signature sequin pieces, I collect antique, vintage, and special textiles to rework, repurpose, reimagine, and re-assign them to humans that will bring them to life by wearing them. Our joy is the lifeblood of these textiles. Quilt top clothing, One of a Kinds, and truly unique handmade gems ready for your wardrobe is my passion.Konane steps onto her dream bus mobile boutique.

You supporting my art means the world to me. This is how dreams are lived.

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