• Sustainable Sequin Earrings-Tangerine, Lavender, Holographic Silver

    Sustainable Sequin Earrings-Tangerine, Lavender, Holographic Silver

    Dangle earrings handmade from the scraps of my sequin kimono process. This is an attempt to be closer to zero waste but using what would other wise be thrown in the landfill. Shimmer, shine, and reflect lights all around you when the sunlights catches the iridescent sequin of the earrings.   Nickle free Leaver back hooks for a secure wear.   Can be made in custom colors for you. Send us a message to get the ball rolling.  

  • Tinsel Sequin Earrings

    Tinsel Sequin Earrings

    These earring are lovingly handmade from the by product of our sequin kimono making process. As the kimonos are made all of the sequin removed for the seams and these sequin are repurposed and diverted from the landfills in this gorgeous pair of sparkling sequin earrings. Nickel free lever-back hooks.

  • Translucent Iridescent Hooded Vest

    Translucent Iridescent Hooded Vest

    About 52” long. Ample hood. Sleeveless.  36” XS-S 48” M-XL 60” 1X-2X 72” 3X-5X

  • Upcycled Geese Blanket Coat

    Upcycled Geese Blanket Coat

    Warm, soft, vintage blanket turned perfect winter coat. Metallic gold frog closures. 2 interior pockets. Fits XL-2X best. Can easily be styled and worn more over sized by a smaller size. Amazing graphics of geese and cattails.

  • Velvet Sequin Apron

    Velvet Sequin Apron

    2 giant lower hand pockets and one upper smaller cell phone pocket.  Ties with a grosgrain ribbon and cris-crosses the back to remove any tension from the neck. 

  • Vintage Sequin Wide Brim Hat - Sunflower

    Vintage Sequin Wide Brim Hat - Sunflower

    Sunflower designs in sequins and glass beads Vintage dead stock wide brim hat. This unique head piece is vintage dead stock, meaning it’s vintage and never been worn! A true find for all you vintage appreciators and collectors out there! Fits best on an average woman’s head. My head is larger than average, about 7 1/4 hat size, and its wearable but a bit snug. This hat has some weight to it, nothing crazy, but it definitely won’t blow off in the wind.